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About my story..


I’ve had a creative urge since I was a little child. When I grew up this evolved to designing machines and dealing with mechanics. I followed this path after my Metallugical Engineering Bsc and Mechanical Engineering MSc in METU, and worked as a Design Engineer; during when I was involved in design works ranging from the combustion chamber of Nissan GT500 race engine to the oil sump of Range Rover V8, and from locomotive parts weighing tons to the engine block of Ford F-Max truck.


Contrary to my technically oriented job, I’ve had a talent towards aesthetics and handcrafts since childhood. Besides fine pastimes like drawing and calligraphy, I was interested in more unordinary hobbies such as Armor and Sword making. Additionally my interest in antiques and vintage cars improved my wood and metal crafting skills greatly.

Another activity I was always involved since 25 years, as you might well guess, is cycling. This time; starting with the red BMX of my childhood and carried on through the forests, mountains and dusty roads after the MTB boom, gave me the opportunity to experience its every aspect from exploring the limits of my performance on a road bike, to traveling calmly on a long tour.

My framebuilding adventure started as side track of my interest in cycling, on the balcony of my house. Although dreamt of this, maybe even I wouldn’t believe in these days that I will continue this professionally at my own workshop someday. Understanding and manipulating the details of such a wonderful machine as the bicycle, designing it without boundaries, working with friends who share the same passion as me and the excitement of embodying their ideas too, turned this pastime hobby of mine into more of a professional activity.

The path to realizing this dream was neither short nor easy: during a 4 years’ time I have studied bicycle design, handling dynamics, fitting; visited international shows, met and watched professional framebuilders. I have bought or built the necessary equipment one by one, and eventually built my own workshop. Although had a lot of it meanwhile never thinking practicing on my own was sufficient, I have completed the Framebuilding and Fitting/Design Masterclasses in 2015 at The Bicycle Academy /UK.


At this point, the balcony of my house started to feel quite small for my raised targets and necessity of a dedicated workshop was evident. So after a long preparation and building process, I have formed my own workshop in Atasehir/Istanbul and begun 2016 in a magnificent way by introducing my brand Brelis with you all.


So; whether your first priority is aesthetics, performance or comfort, and whether you have a readily defined design in your mind or a blank sheet of paper; I believe I will have a lot to contribute to your ideas and realize your dream sharing the same passion and excitement with you.

Hi, I am Burcak Erbil!

I am building custom frames and bikes under the brand Brelis. My aim is to create bicycles that will combine modern components and features with refined aesthetics, present fine craftsmanship and put a smile on your face not only while riding but even just by looking at it. If you too are not satisfied by standard “products” off the shelves of a store, and if you want your bicycle that you spend days or months on, to be unique like your body and personality, you will see that Brelis is just the place for you!

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